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Home Truths

We are so very thrilled to bring you the eagerly awaited memoir of Noosa local and globally acclaimed playwright David Williamson, a true icon of Australian theatre – also a friend of us all at Annie’s Books. This event will book out very quickly – book now and don’t miss out!!

HOME TRUTHS: The revealing and candid memoir of Australia's legendary playwright and screenwriter

The definitive memoir of David Williamson, author of iconic dramas such as The Removalists, The Club, Don's Party, Emerald City and Travelling North, as well as more than fifty other plays, explores the life of the writer and the true stories and real lives that inspired his works. A powerful force in theatre since the 1970s, Williamson's plays have uniquely explored the pulse of our Australianness.

After five decades of chronicling the blunders, mishaps and messes that he and his fellow Australians got themselves into, Williamson has penned his long-awaited memoir, Home Truths. It reveals the story of the man behind the work: how a childhood defined by marital discord sparked a lifelong fascination with the power of drama to explore emotional conflict; how a mechanical engineering student became our most successful playwright; the anxiety that plagued him as he crafted his plays; the joy of connecting with an audience and the enduring sting of the critics; and the great love story that defined his personal life.

Fearless, candid and witty, Williamson also writes about the plethora of odd, interesting, caustic and brilliant people – actors, directors, writers, theatre critics, politicians – who have intersected with his life and work: from a young Jacki Weaver and Chris Haywood in the first Sydney production of The Removalists in 1971 to Nicole Kidman on the brink of stardom in the 1988 feature film of Emerald City and lively dinners with political powerhouse Paul Keating; and from Graham Kennedy in the 1976 film version of Don's Party through eventful overseas travels with Gareth Evans, Peter Carey and Tim Winton to a West End production of Up for Grabs starring Madonna, and the satisfaction of seeing his sons Felix and Rory tread the boards in several of his own plays.

David Williamson is one of Australia's best known and most widely performed playwrights and one of Australia's leading screenwriters. His dramas have been produced by all the major Australian theatre companies and have been translated into many languages and performed internationally. David has directed eight professional productions of his own work and written many radio dramas. He has also written (or co-written) scripts for fifteen feature films, including the original screenplays for Petersen, Eliza Fraser (starring Susannah York), Gallipoli and The Year of Living Dangerously (both starring Mel Gibson), Phar Lap and Balibo (with Robert Connolly). His movie adaptations of his own plays include The Removalists, Don's Party, The Club, Travelling North, Emerald City and Sanctuary, and for television he adapted On the Beach, A Dangerous Life, The Perfectionist and The Department and wrote The Four Minute Mile.

Some of his more than fifty produced plays include The Removalists, Don's Party, The Department, The Club, Travelling North, The Perfectionist, Sons of Cain, Emerald City, Top Silk, Money & Friends, Sanctuary, Dead White Males, After the Ball, Face to Face, Up For Grabs, A Conversation, Charitable Intent, Soulmates, Birthrights, Amigos, Influence, Lotte's Gift, Scarlet O'Hara at the Crimson Parrot, Let the Sunshine, Rhinestone Rex and Miss Monica, Don Parties On, At Any Cost? (co-written by Mohamed Khadra), When Dad Married Fury, Managing Carmen, Rupert, Cruise Control, Jack of Hearts, Odd Man Out, Sorting Out Rachel, Nearer the Gods and Family Values.

David was the first person outside Britain to receive the George Devine Award for an original play (for The Removalists). His many other awards include twelve Australian Writers' Guild AWGIE Awards, five Australian Film Institute Awards for Best Screenplay and, in 1996, The United Nations Association of Australia Media Peace Award. In 2005 he was given the Richard Lane Award for services to the Australian Writers' Guild. David has also received four honorary doctorates and been made an Officer of the Order of Australia, and been named one of Australia's National Living Treasures.

DAVID WILLIAMSON – HOME TRUTHS (Published by Harper Collins on 29th September)
FRIDAY 15th OCTOBER – 12.00 midday
$70.00 per person
BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL – 5448 2053 or info@anniesbooks.com.au


Freak Out!

TONY WELLINGTON wears many hats! He was Noosa Mayor, is the author and photographer of some beautiful books, including the recently published WILD LIFE OF NOOSA; he is a conservationist, artist, film-maker and musician. Too much talent for one person, I feel!!! Tony has released his first book on music. His era is the Sixties, but I think, in time, we will see more on later decades – there was just so much to fit into this book! The Sixties was the era when rock and roll really found its feet, and found its way into our homes via television, radio and recordings. Since then rock and roll music has been an integral part of our daily lives, no matter our age and taste. Music is our entertainment, inspiration, therapy, sustenance and often our best friend.

The era was by turns fab, groovy, cool, far out, way-out, hip, boss, outta sight, right-on and a blast, man: enough to make everyone freak out!

Freak Out is Australia’s coming-of-age story, of how we as a nation were dragged into global culture by the unstoppable momentum of rock and pop music. The sixties was an era of extraordinary change and earth-shattering events. The music scene responded with popular anthems that reverberated across the planet. What’s more, the gun was fired on a period of unprecedented musical innovation and creativity, the likes of which have never been repeated. Music spoke to young people in their own shared language, urging them to view themselves as decidedly separate from mainstream society – even suggesting they might ‘drop-out’ altogether. For a brief time, millions of young people across western culture actually believed they could successfully reinvent society. Liberation for pacifists, women, people of colour, homosexuals, students and the oppressed seemed to be just a short revolution away. There was no room for complacency or apathy in the face of the Cold War, Vietnam War, and the constant threat of nuclear annihilation. Australians may have been spared the fear of bomb blasts, assassinations and kidnappings; however, the ructions abroad invaded our national psyche, and the music that was generated in that milieu infiltrated Australian culture and transformed society forever.

Tony Wellington has worked in a broad range of creative arts fields and even dabbled in politics as the Mayor of Noosa Shire.

Tony is the author of Happy?: Exposing the Cultural Myths about Happiness, plus a history book, Noosa and Cooloola, and is co-author (with John Shand) of Don’t Shoot the Best Boy! The Film Crew at Work. He has also produced several photographic books, the most recent being Wild About Noosa. Over the years, Tony has provided articles, op eds and photographs for many newspapers, magazines and books.

Tony graduated from Macquarie University in 1976 majoring in Media and Communications, receiving a university prize for his media studies. For many years he worked on a freelance basis in the feature film and television industry as a scriptwriter, first assistant director, editor and director. He also lectured in media studies and film craft. He has had exhibitions of his quirky, super-realist paintings around Australia, and provided illustrations for book jackets and other publications.

Whilst living in Sydney, Tony ran folk clubs, hosted a radio show, wrote for music magazines and recorded and released his own music.

He has three grown children and lives in the Noosa hinterland with his wife.

TONY WELLINGTON - FREAK OUT! How a Musical Revolution Rocked the World in the Sixties
(Published by Monash University Press on 1ST November))
THIS IS A FREE EVENT BUT BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL – 5448 2053 or info@anniesbooks.com.au

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