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Trent Dalton

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet Trent Dalton, arguably the most talented and popular author in the country right now. He has had massive success with BOY SWALLOWS UNIVERSE, the highest selling debut novel in Australian history, followed by the magical ALL OUR SHIMMERING SKIES. He is also the author of the unique BY SEA AND STARS, stories from the First Fleet. Trent has been seen in a few locations around Brisbane, gathering love stories from passers-by, and he has retold them in his characteristically warm and affectionate style in LOVE STORIES.


Trent Dalton goes out into the world and asks a simple, direct question: 'Can you please tell me a love story?'

A blind man yearns to see the face of his wife of thirty years. A divorced mother has a secret love affair with a priest. A geologist discovers a three-minute video recorded by his wife before she died. A tree lopper's heart falls in a forest. A working mum contemplates taking photographs of her late husband down from her fridge. A girl writes a last letter to the man she loves most, then sets it on fire. A palliative care nurse helps a dying woman converse with the angel at the end of her bed. A renowned 100-year-old scientist ponders the one great earthly puzzle he was never able to solve: 'What is love?'

Endless stories. Human stories. Love stories.

Inspired by a personal moment of profound love and generosity, Trent Dalton, bestselling author and one of Australia's finest journalists, spent two months in 2021 speaking to people from all walks of life, asking them one simple and direct question: 'Can you please tell me a love story?' The result is an immensely warm, poignant, funny and moving book about love in all its guises, including observations, reflections and stories of people falling into love, falling out of love, and never letting go of the loved ones in their hearts. A heartfelt, deep, wise and tingly tribute to the greatest thing we will never understand and the only thing we will ever really need: love.

We expect quite a few people to come and meet Trent – so don’t miss out!

FRIDAY 12th NOVEMBER – 12.00 midday

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