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HALF A WORLD AWAY - Janet Akroyd-Stuart

<noautolink>half a world cover.jpg</noautolink> HALF A WORLD AWAY is receiving great reviews as a gripping tale of corruption, suspense and intrigue.

Set in the penal colony of New South Wales in 1790, Half a World Away revolves around Ryan Baxter, a convict serving a 7 year sentence for sedition. When a fellow convict is executed for pilfering food from a starving colony, Ryan senses foul play and sets out to prove the man’s innocence, knowing little of the danger he is about to encounter.

Janet Akroyd-Stuart is an English-born novelist. Now retired, Janet is enjoying a return to study, now into her third year of an art course with U3A?.

SUNDAY 19th NOVEMBER, - 10am - 12 midday


<noautolink>the-long-goodbye-200.jpg</noautolink> The Long Goodbye is an unforgettable story of love and loss by an outstanding new writer of originality and remarkable skill.

When Pamela's ageing mother succumbs to advanced dementia and the family attempts to care as best they can for her, it is her father who takes matters into his own hands and ends her mother's life before taking his own life several weeks later. The Long Goodbye takes you into the life of this family, revealing the grit and resilience which has always driven them, as well as the love that binds them together through the years. At times hilariously funny, at times tragic and shocking, The Long Goodbye is ultimately a grand story of love and the unbreakable bonds of marriage and family set against the harsh and unforgiving realities of life on the land.

Disastrous floods, drought, and farming accidents mean that life and death are never far apart. The Australian landscape is evoked in all its beauty, but its danger is inescapable. Pamela writes with incredible honesty and warmth about her own parents, grandparents and extended family, their celebrations, their wit and great humour while never shying from the dark truths and difficult struggles that plague them too. The Long Goodbye illustrates the devastation of dementia and its terrible consequences for an entire family, as well as her father's controversial and unspeakable solution in euthanasia.

The Long Goodbye is a true story of impossible beauty and sadness, and the story of a remarkable love that could be no other way.

SATURDAY 25th NOVEMBER - 10.00am - 12.00 midday

LIFE IS A MANGO - Jen Compton

<noautolink>LifesaMango-47-min.jpg</noautolink> Jen Compton takes everyday situations and, with rhyming verse, turns them into something magical. Her book, ‘Life’s a Mango’ is designed to soothe, reassure, inspire and challenge. Her poetic verse helps to generate mindful awareness and gratitude for the present moment.
Join Jen for a conversation about mindful living and gratitude. Jen’s approach will help you to make the most of your life, be more aware of thepresent moment, and feel optimistic about your future. Learn practical techniques to bring joy and optimism to your life. Share Jen’s inspirational prose, learn ways to use simple rhymes as a focus for meditation, and take
part in a guided meditation that will soothe your soul.J

SATURDAY 2nd DECEMBER - 10.00am - 12.00 midday


<noautolink>marlene harvey.jpg</noautolink> The message in The Code of God brings with it an awareness that we seem to continue to see ourselves, as separate.

And I am reminded that I didn’t write this book, I channelled it, and there is a space between the message in the book and myself. But as I wrote it, I became it, I became one with it. I became one with My People. And as I read it, I am at one with it. There is a resonance, a remembering, that this is our story.

Is it the separation, the concept that we are separate, that we need to look at, and consider?

While we continue to claim that our vision comes from outside us. While we continue to look for who we are, outside ourselves. We will stay in this place.

It is time to reconcile this difference, this perceived division and embrace our unity. We are one.

SUNDAY 3rd DECEMBER - 10am - 12 midday

THE GOOD SISTER - Maggie Christensen

<noautolink>GOOD SISTER.jpg</noautolink> In 2015, sixty-five-year-old Bel Davison returns from Australia to her native Scotland to visit her terminally ill aunt. Reading Isobel’s memoir, she is beset with memories of her own childhood and overcome with guilt. When she meets her aunt’s solicitor, events seem to spiral out of control and, almost against her will, she finds herself drawn to this enigmatic Scotsman.

In 1938, as the world hurtled towards war, twenty-year-old Isobel MacDonald? fell madly in love. But fate and her own actions conspired to deny her the happiness she yearned for. Many years later, plagued with regrets and with a shrill voice from the past ringing in her ears, she documents the events that shaped her life.

What is it that links these two women across the generations? Can the past influence the future?wo Isobels. A lifetime of regret. A love that spans the years

SATURDAY 9th DECEMBER - 10.00am - 12.00 midday


<noautolink>michelle mann.png</noautolink> “I became interested in my spiritual growth in my twenties. I started searching for answers when my husband died. I was 24. We married young and started to have problems. About two years later, we separated. I didn’t quite understand what went wrong and about 18 months after our separation my husband suddenly passed away. I went through a difficult time and
my search began…”

And so begins your journey with Michelle Mann through over 30 years of gathering extensive knowledge on the Occult, Tarot, Reiki, Numerology, Crystal Healing, Yoga, fine art and meditation.

Michelle’s incredible journey has culminated in the creation of the Gold Lotus Oracle Book and the accompanying Gold Lotus Oracle Deck.

SUNDAY 10th DECEMBER - 10.00am - 12.00 midday

LIFE OF BRINE - Phil Jarratt

<noautolink>life of brine.jpg</noautolink>
“In the not-so-small world of surfing, Phil Jarratt has seen it all. Luckily for us, he’s a fearless, funny storyteller, with a reporter’s unsentimental eye and an endearing modesty. But his memoir is, above all, a haunting self-portrait: the boy practising drop-knee cutbacks in his mother’s full-length mirror in mid-century Wollongong becomes a man.”
William Finnegan, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Barbarian Days

Life of Brine is the memoir of Phil Jarratt, one of the world’s best-known chroniclers of surfing culture whose lifelong pursuit of the perfect wave has placed him in the midst of some of the most exciting moments in surfing’s modern history.

Jarratt, who has courted controversy in his long career as a journalist, editor and documentarian, pulls no punches as he rides an exhilarating wave of nostalgia from the sixties up until now, through the heady days of drugs, alcohol and excess in Bali and Biarritz and other exotic locations in between. Filled with debauchery, reflection and insight, this is a book that will be devoured by surfers young and old.

SATURDAY 16th DECEMBER - 10am - 12 midday

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